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Well i made this video of gwen tennyson but for some weird reason won’t upload to fc2,i’m starting to get the same problem as the one on iwara either way is not like they cut of my limbs or something there are tons of ways to upload content.

I will keep my word as always so don’t worry,my motivation is going down since i don’t have money and donations are needeed to keep me motivated.

Here you have the Gwen 10 video



Now to keep my word something special,i’m aware this isn’t made by me but since the author isn’t complying with patreon rules i opted to release what he has made as a gift for you.

Remember is author fault for not complying with the rules. (once the content is finished has to be released for free no matter if you made money or not)

Be aware the content is around 20 Gb and it took time to get ready




Well now is the turn to talk about the PS3 emulator.

I was quite surprised by the performance of this emulator,is quite good to to be in alpha state and being able to play ps3 games on the pc is perfect specially since my ps3 died (the old HDD it had stopped working and well the firmware can’t be installed on the replacement HDD so i got bad luck)

Some minor glitches and bugs on games but i was able to play some games i have,i was able to test the game Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5 and worked pretty well,other games didn’t work as i expected even when those are tagged playable without glitches  or bugs like Dengeki Bunkou Fighting Climax Ignition it had several corrupted graphics and the performance was worse then what i expected (i got better performance in persona 5 which is a 3d game but a 2d game was slower)

This version is ready to play just grab your games and start testing since i don’t know what games works or don’t but i can confirm games that i played

Games that worked with minor glitches

.- Catherine

.- Dengeki Bunkou Fighting Climax

.- Hack Versus

.- Oreimo HD

.- Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5

.- Disgaea 4

.- Super Street Fighter 2 HD remix

.-Dragon Crown

.- Trinity Universe

.- Star Ocean The Last Hope

Here some pics of the game oreimo HD

And here more of kirino with her santa outfit.

As you see it works pretty fine,some minor glitches but is playable from beggining to end  already finished the game 6 times so no problems at all.


Cemu 1.11

Here i bring you this Nintendo Wii U emulator,this is the last release so i hope you like it.


This has been setup already so no need to worry you just need to setup the joypad you want to use.


What can be said about this emulator not much but is this really a Wii U emulator i doubt it,i have sticked to 1.9 for a while because is the best one to date runs faster and has more compatibility,yess you heard right it has more compatibility because most games are broken in the latest version not only that controls are broken since they want everyone to buy xbox360 or similar kind of pad that have xinput support instead of the regular dinput (not much difference betwen both besides one is propietary and the other is free) mainreason i sticked to 1.9


This emulator has been discovered to possess nintendo code embedded  inside but due to them hiding in a propietary license nobody can do anything without breaking the law except chinese users they didn’t care about that confirmed that and made a better version,with more optimizations and a higher quality (it looked awesome it felt as a real wii u) and compatibility improved.

Some pics of breath of the wild

As you see the game looks pretty fine,there are some minor details but what can be said is a WIP

And here some pics of Super Mario 3d world.

Well if you get interested the download links are bellow and the most reccomended version is cemuex since it doesn’t have the control problem either way enjoy this.



Download Cemu Gamers

Pokemon セレナ

Well i decided to release this model here (was released on a pokecommunity long time ago) and as i said in the past i want to create something unique for this site and released only here since i don’t like to rerelease older stuff.

Either way this model is serena from pokemon i release her as it was released in the past only obj files nothing else,this was ripped from the game so no complains like “she isn’t wearing anything under the skirt” since that was nintendo stuff is a perfect rip so i won’t edit her just because communities want to keep the pokegirls pure.

As a doujin work everything is allowed even R-18 as explained in the community.


.- Can be used for anything even R-18

.- Credits are nintendo and me for ripping the model and the porter in 3rd place.

.- Any derivative work to be kept always online (i reinforce this since some people are claiming they made this model from scratch and removing it just to get more views) no excuses there for derivative works since this is a rip and you can’t complain saying this was stolen or reuploaded without my consent since my rules are the same as in the moment of release.

.- Derivative works are mmd,xnalara,renderware (i will make some ports to be released on gtainside with the help of yuuki akame she is releasing my works there) ,source and other stuff




year of release of the model 2014.

Happy New Year 2018

Ladies and gentlemen,Happy New Year!

On behalf of Gamers and NERV corp i’d like to thank to our viewers for their support which has enabled to make it to 2018.

From the bottom of my heart you have our thanks.

For this year i have prepared some surprises so i hope you keep viewing our site and those surprises will be revealed soon.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


GTA Another SA

Well another gta quite different from usual and with some improvements so i hope you like it and enjoy it.

Due to the bugs i made some changes and made some new skins as a compensation for the delay.

Well those are the chars i made because of the delay so i hope you like  her and are quite good in quality.

Forgot to say those graphics are from the versiion before the bug now they looks different.


As you see is quite different from before and the requirements went up.

An here you can see i decided to go ghost hunting

There are several stuff to see and test but you will enjoy it



Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Well my wishes for everyone is that i hope you are having a wonderfull christmas and get some presents .

I won’t give up and will keep trying to make more content for you,sadly i haven’t been so well due to health problems but as long as i don’t give up i can keep moving.

In the last few days i was working on some mods but due to some problems i wasn’t able to put it online there is a bug on the game that crashes the engine so it will be delayed for a few days until i find out a way to fix the bug,this was goiung to be my christmas present for you.

Some screens of the models from the game those are exclusives for the game and won’t be released outside of it or in any way i hope your understanding.


Well merry christmas everyone!!!!