To aru Pantsu no Railgun

For some reason, Shirai Kuroko has decided to steal Mikoto’s underwear. Therefore Mikoto goes off to find it back by runs into various characters, some who have been corrupted by Kuroko and are now aiding her in her quest to humiliate Mikoto. To Aru Pantsu no Railgun (English: A Certain Pants of Railgun) is an action fighting game starring Misaka Mikoto and based upon the popular anime To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. By using Megaman boss battle gameplay mechanics, the game consisting of four level, each with 2 stage boss fight, with 4 Railgun characters. Mikoto has Megaman’s ability such as charge shot and dash, which can be unlocked when player beat a level. To Aru Pantsu no Railgun was released at Sunshine Creation 48, on June 27, 2010.

Well bringing this game that is quite fun to play,it has been updated just in case you wonder why, it should work under modern windows as long you have a Vulkan GPU (a requirement due to the hack) and should be run with a windows XP compatibility setting.


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Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Well first of all i have to be clear about something and is the name wasn’t to clickbait since i made this mugen in before they even announced the official name of the game so is a coincidence only.

This was posted on other site that doesn’t work for lot of people so i made some small changes and decided to upload it here.
As i said in the past this was just a joke about “you don’t need that much knowledge since most if not all the characters in mugen are just cheap spriteswaps” under that idea i made this game in less then a week since was mostly spriteswapping everything with small changes i took the sprites of Dragon Ball Tap Battle and used the character of Goku by toscomics and ready.

There could be bugs but i don’t care about this anymore,also this has shaders so a good gpu is required.


Reupload is forbidden to other sites specially mugenarchive,if you feel like announcing this one on mugen communities post a link to the site avoid reupload or direct linking.

(i don’t allow those stuff because someone claimed they made the chars from scratch and posted them on a game packed with molebox or something similar after i posted this on some forum)


In that moment humanity remembered the fear of being controlled by them.

Praying won’t change anything,what can change the now is the resolve to fight.

The people that can change something are the people willing to throw everything.

I thought there couldn’t be a worse hell then came the worse days of humanity.

Sacrifice everything for this time sake,just so we can reach the future we want.

All our effort was for this precise moment and victory will be in our hands.

Don’t forget the anger you have felt to this moment.

The humiliation of living like a caged bird.

All our suffering was for this moment

Don’t forget the humiliation of being trapped like caged bird.

Are you a caged bird or a wolf hungry for freedom

1st Strike CVS

Another mugen screenpack by sxvector really high quality.

This one is for mugen 1.1 so you can enjoy stages with zoom,stages by tatsu

This one isn’t used that much by a simple reason the portraits for each char need lot of work to be done to look great here.


Well enjoy the screenshots

Remember that if a download has more then one part you have to download all the parts (i thought was common sense but i was mistaken since people don’t read)

Mugenryona R-18

Well another mugen that was in my hdd it has almost all the mugenryona bbs chars along the stages,the screenpack is a custom one just in case since i always want something kinda exclusive or unique for certain purposes.
This has shaders because i can’t tolerate the look of mismatching chars like low res and hires chars,the setup of the shaders was made to benefit both kind of chars so low res chars look better but the hires chars look even better even nostalgic in some way but in general everything looks better.
This as most of what i posted has custom fight FX since i’m the kind that won’t have the same stuff on all the projects or use the default stuff just in case this is why each project will be kinda different,for example even if i reuse the screenpack used here on other project i will make changes like different FX,different lifebars and custom fight system.



CS-X Mugen

Well another screenpack for mugen this one is kinda special and need to be shared.
Maybe you wonder what is so special about this one,well be surprised this was made for old winmugen in the first place,and this one is more tricky to add chars since they need to be patched (not that hard if you are smart you will figure out)
This has a custom system added so works different then default and even modern 1.1 mugen (i really like this since is one of the best stuff in mugen) just in case i added most sankiti mugen chars and already patched them.
I don’t know if all the chars work but you have to test yourself also YOU CAN’T USE 1.0 or 1.1 mugen chars here keep that in mind.
Does this work on win10 well i don’t know it should work since has a custom api to use vulkan instead of ddraw (that’s why you have those dlls on the main folder)
This should support low res and hires stages but i didn’t test it out so is up to you to add more stages..
WARNING : avoid using the chars on other mugen,they have been heavily patched so can be used only on this modified engine.
If this gets lot of downloads i will upload the other project that hasn’t been shared that much.
Well there is a loli mugen in my stuff but maybe you won’t like it at all ( =w=)/O ,and the other which has lolis and a lot is too heavy (around 8 GB in size) but since those are personal stuff aren’t shared or known.


Cyberia 7

Another screenpack by sxvector (author of the guilty crown screenpack) same as before hard to find and hasn’t been reuploaded before.

This is kinda techno styled based on the stepmania theme of the same name (i lost the disc so i don’t have anything stepamnia related and i had a lot like 12 GB of data was a bluray just in case) i kinda liked this one since made everything more unique in style specially when everything mugen looked so generic.


Enjoy this

Guilty Crown SP

Well this is a screenpack for mugen that is hard to find due to author not responding and not posting reuploads well mainly because this screenpack is around 800 Mb in size.

I decided to post this here just in case is the same as before has the templates so you can add your own characters.

I was checking my site and well lot of content is missing since was taken down i have some ideas to who are the culprits so fuck themselves they are just ruining themselves,and they are really stupid since most if not all is backed up on lot of hdd (reason of why i request cooperation if i don’t have space i will delete something i don’t give a second thought like hentai and keep the projects saved)

Well hope you enjoy and this is just for people like me that love the mugen engine.


Happy New year

Well we wish a happy new year to all the people that followed us we hope to continue this way.

I hope you could give us more support so we can continue for many years to come.

And let our light shine throughout the world.

Merry Christmas

Well as each year thank you and we wish you a merry christmas to all the followers and people visiting the site.

This year i wasn’t sure of what to give since was either the fully modded open arena EX,GZdoom modded with Quake champion stuff along other surprises or as i promised a long time ago here and some other sites the school days light novel it was a really difficult choice so i made a challenge for myself.

In the end the result is the school days light novel at least, i got the LN too many years ago to remember around 2006 and was kept on a CD since then and i haven’t saw it again either online so is a good thing to upload since lot missed to get it,i will post the first part and then will post the second part if i find it unless CD is R.I.P ( ToT)7

I hope you enjoy this is a good reading and don’t complain to me ,BTW the illust are the only thing added by me since was walls of text before.



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