J○Fight Guide

I really love this game is one of my favorites if you have the chance to buy it just do it, i did it and is one of the best games i have played well maybe exagerating but i will hook you because is really good but i didnt came to talk about the game i will show you how to reach a part right from the beggining.

You can buy the game in here


First some pics of the game

RJ159903_img_main RJ159903_img_smp1 RJ159903_img_smp2 RJ159903_img_smp3

Now the important part
This game has two game modes normal mode and bitchi mode.

In the beggining i thought that there was something in the way i did because she dyed her hair after beating the blonde girl (the fighter not the yankee) because after i beated her i talked with her and after selecting a choice the heroine went to her house and dyed her hair but i think this was an event and i dont know what to get the event again ~( =w=)7.

I will mention some differences betwen modes

Normal Mode – This is the mode of the game when you start the game in this mode you can do everything jobs,training,scort but some of those dont have a CG and in sometimes she will refuse to do some stuff even if her moral is 0 and her harenchi level is 100 she will still refuse and even with the same status she has on bichi mode she wont show panties or anything because it will feel embarrased

Bitchi mode – This mode is the one that everyone expect this mode have the heroine as a blonde (she dyed her hair) in this mode you cant do normal jobs or train yourself if you want that route dont dye your hair in this mode even if she has the lowest harenchi level she will still show everything even nopan but the lowest the harenchi level the most probable some people will call the police and you will get some stars,in bitchi mode the lower the harenchi level she is more aggresive reason of why at low level people call the police (reverse rape??).

An easy way to make money is showing everything to all the males in the two parts of town and in the school because some will give you items wich you can sell and others will give you money sometime you wil get more money just showing everything then doing a job .

Now to the point lets go to bitchi mode

First at the beggining of the game just stay in house training yourself each day you will receive a call from the school and from the yakuza just stay at home and train yourselve because once you reach bitchi mode you will be unable to do it.
Try to reach at least 35 or 40 of stamina and at least 36 of each other status this will make things easy dont go out of your house until you reach those points just stay inside.

When you reach those go out you will have the part when she talks to her friends and she shows something depending on she is wearing underwear you will see something good (wearing or not underwear is your choice the heroine wont complain if you make her go nopan)
Now when you finish talking dont go to the school go to the other part of town you will go forcefully to the yakuza office talk with him you will get 10000 and then you will get another fight uniform select the one star oponent and beat him or skip this and fight the 4 star oponent and loose you will get an event explaining that her mother died in an accident.

At the next day the yakuza will go to your house (ignore the calls from the school) now you can apply for the paper job,after you take the job you can go to the building near the famires the one with the clock  go and talk it will be marked after some talk they will give you a key or something so now you can buy
At this point you will notice i avoided the school but is just because i wanted to start the school and progress trough history on bitchi mode and was worth it.
In the building near the famires enter the middle door (i select the first choice and got some meat) there they have lot of choices the first one is a clothes store, the second is to pay part of the debt to the collector the 10000 you received but dont do it instead select the fifth choice and buy the last 3 items wich are
.- Hair Dye : 1000
.- Pierces : 2000
.- Makeup : 5000 (i think this is unlimited)

After that go the other part of town try to lower your moral sense showing or trying to show something,go to the tournament and select the 4 stars oponent and lose you will get an scene (is the first choice) ,keep doing this for 4 or five times it depends on your actions in the fourth time you will get a message and a check mark on the bathroom on your house and now you can dye your hair this is why those items are needed and you will be in bitch in heat mode or bitchi mode to be short without progressing trough history.

Well those are the things to get bitchi mode is quite easy in this way it wont take more then 30 minutes to do this,it tooked me 25 minutes.

There are two blondes on the game one is the fighter the other a yankee,the fighter is a girl that loves cocks in her dialog when you fight her and she have 5 HP she will say something like “After this im going to be gangraped” or in your first talk to her she will mention something about “dont you think the cock are really delicious” or “Being gangraped is really exiting” and similar stuff.

The heroine is a closet pervert so she like some stuff being mentioned but for appearance sake she wont try to do it you get a clue of this on some events for example when she enters the mens toilet and the other clue is when the yakuza explain the rules of the tournament “if you loose you will get raped keep losing to the same oponent more people will join to rape you untill is gangrape” with this phrase she will have hearts on her eyes this behavior is clearly to emphasize on that she is a real pervert,this is why she will do almost anything when she dye her hair because nobody will know is her.

A note i forgot press F1 to see some keys used on the game,pressing the “R” key when you are talking to an npc she will try to show something or in bitchi mode she will show everything no matter if her harenchi level is 20 wich is the starting level you get when doing my guide even nopan she will show.

There is something else this game have unlimited days so have fun wasting time i got adicted to this game

Well i hope this helps thanks for reading and now let the game begin.

A little backgorund on the game the heroine was left by his father,he had a debt with the yakuza and because he left you have to pay it.
The title of the game is JC Fight and asumming correctly we could say the heroine is 12 years old and left with lot of responsabilities,wich way you would take a normal way or a bitch in heat way ,is up to you.

Sincerelly Tabris

(C) 2015 NERV corp


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