Well i stopped caring about everything

I think i should stop all my webs because i dont have anything besides im getting tired of everything.

I still remember what some people said like “i am your friend because thanks to you i have learned more than what i could learn on my own ” or ” How can you be so smart and yet so innocent” or “Why dont you just die because people who are too smart are not need in this world” i think that maybe people with abnormal skills shouldnt exist but thinking deepley maybe is just that im trying to adapt to the rest but i realize now that since my birth everything was aggainst me being smarter,having more skills and learning everything just seeing other people doing it  and doing the same better in just a few minutes,reading faster and better like harry potter books it only tooked me a few days to read all the books (around 3 or 4 days).

If you are smart you are going to suffer.

If you are smart you wont be happy.

If you are smart everyone will try to make you suffer.

If you are smart the people will try to avoid you

I wish to remember part of my past because there is a blank slate on my memory that i cant remember a period from when i was 10 to 18,eight years memories and nothing comes to my mind.

I started to hate people now and i think maybe i should end everything soonb6d02a15168e70c42f6fda877a0d0a9e

This express everything


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