Christmas is coming and here a present

Well here i bring you another model this time a christmas themed Loli Santa i hope you like her and make some christmas themed videos with her.

download link :!d4pnlC5K!fFdwqolNx9CpYYee474B9goscEqG0S5qbHAxQOzx3mA



MMD Model Mellorine

As i said here i bring you another model i hope you enjoy it and make something because i have seen a lot of visits and download but i havent seen videos made with the models.

MY videos are only made to show the model nothing else because nobody is paying me to make  better motion wich i can do but as i said nobody is paying me so i wont waste time just for you so if you want to complain about the videos then make videos yourself because “Im just showing the model” understood.


download link!50xW0QZI!6aZdFtB3TaY8n1tyE7iFekhCx9qkTEdPctDwGw0SWJsvlcsnap-2015-11-29-15h48m59s346.png

Hyper Dragon Ball Z Beta

Well i bring you this time the beta of the game Hyper Dragon Ball Z this is an exclusive it was made with the engine mugen 1.1 so it work extremely fine and messing with it was awesome because modifying the shaders you can get special effects like the one i used in here wich give the impresion of the cellshaded effect used on most dragon ball games maybe is not perfect but it works until more people try to mess with the shaders on mugen 1.1 and the thing i like most is that you can achieve a higher quality product without abusing of the characters slots,because to make a profesional looking product you can focus on quality and gameplay with numbered chars instead of hundreds of cheap chars




I hope you enjoy it and well as i said this is a beta so many stuff can be broken and some stuff missing but they will be fixed someday

The requirements well i have an Amd A-8 with AMD Radeon R-5  graphics and 4 Gb of ram so you will need to test it yourself but you will need a gpu to being able to play the game

Download link :!toQ1yara!UQlCmoJ9rdlMygKNEfugsq3Efm6CiPnLkiA7WO4gNEE

remember to stay wiggly ~( =w=)~O and i will upload some videos soon

Two MMD models R-18 release

Due to problems in webs server i will be posting my models in here.


So here they are i hope you like those and well i hope someone can donate some money because internet is expensive and i barely have  a place to live so while i do this for you maybe you could help me my paypal button is on i need at least 100 dollars to pay internet because in this country is really expensive