PCSX2 Legacy

Well first of all my apologies for a mistake i made in the last post the game i uploaded was Ikkitousen and not Initial D sorry.

Now i receiv ed some mails with mostly complains like “Why are you uploading games” or Why have you stopped uploading MMD Models” well the answers are simple my web is about videogames and the things i love but mostly videogames and everything related to it like emulators,the reason i was uploading MMD models was simple thanks to the mod custom steve for minecraft i was able to use any mmd model on minecraft thats theb reaon i started to upload mmd models nothing else.

Now that everything is clear pay a visit to this site once in a while because sometimes i will upload stuff that you wont find in other place and those wont be showed elsewere or announced on videos like the MMD models.

Now i bring you an emulator that i still use PCSX2 legacy the last version made is kinda old but it will run faster then the official 1.3.1 (thanks 2ch nakamas for posting this) so yeah it run better and i already made the settings to get the best speed as always,and the plugins are already updated so you dont need to touch anything i tested a lot of games without problems or graphic glitches well it runs the hack games so i dont have complains by the way the hack fragment that work with this one i got it on this page http://www.coldbird.net/fragment/ i have the original but i use the ex version with that one.

Pcsx2 Legacy download



Initial D Special Stage download



Remember the reason of ripping is simple if the game is not complete and have the music changed and dont include the videos and voices or images is qualified as demo because is not the final product even if the game is playable from beggining to end


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