Malice and the Machine

Since the author dont want to release a public demo i will do it this is a work in progress according to him but i dont think this will be finished and he has to fix lot of stuff (the author broke the joystick support).

My reasons to bellieve this wont be finished is because this is exactly what i tried to do 10 years ago with RPG Maker VX,if they can overcome the rgssad max size they will be succesfull unfortunatelly the max size is still 1.2 gb after that size the game is useless because it wont work (this is weird because the max size of encrupted graphics on rpg maker xp is 1.5 Gb my first project had that size but i was unable to overcome the size so the project was left unfinished.

This game use gifs for battlers  a normal thing that can be used on almost any rpg maker except 2K and 2k3 i did this with pokkemon essentials and ripped sprites from pokemon XY so it look good and that one is RPG Maker XP well only time will say what will happen


Well i took some advantage of a miss the developer did the first one this game didnt have a license so this is now on GPL v2 license,the other miss this game wasnt registered to any name so now is registered to my name so legally the game is my property and i will do what i want with it

Thank you very much and sorry eromancer  but as i said is your miss.



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