Loli Fantasy Remake

Well im doing a remake from scratch of loli fantasy on RPG Maker MV unfortunatelly there are problems due to not have too many materials specially chars sprites so if anyone know where to find sprites similar to the ones i used or is able to do something leave a comment the coments as always are allowed .

This is what i have untill now and if you played the first one you will see is almost the sameasdassdas

If you played the other you will see that i have the world map complete now i only need some things sprites specially i know a lot of sprite artists but they charge for doing those.

Well this is being remade on RPG Maaker MV so it will have a higher quality ,im not like others who use this or that version because are easier,the world map tooked me around 1 hour the rest well that doesnt matter in just a few days i can have the whole project done without custom sprites but it wont be the same.

Well the battle system and event would be similar to the ones used on loli fantasy EX (dont exactly remember what battle system used originally ) i have lot of scripts so i will test some.

By the way im still working on loli fantasy ex just that those versions are private but maybe i could do something and release one that i call “Kokonoe Rin Loli Fantasy” It have lot of artwork from several artists ,but only if i get enough donations ( T-T)/O.


I forgot to mention one thing the Kokonoe Rin Loli Fantasy Has besides different art some other things.

This is an example pic:dv01

I made the char with mmd it look weird but it has to be in that way like this char is from this universe and this is just something that got teleported in here.

I was thinking on replacing the art i have with some MMD art but i will see.

Also some people may wonder why do i still use RPG Maker XP well is because is the version that has more potential due to some interesting stuff for example Rpg Maker VX,VXace only use character with 12 animation and RPG Maker XP use character with 16 animation which make the movements smoother,there is a script to use character with up to 48 animations that also works on VX and VX Ace but in the last one it use less animation 36 animation exactly but i havent found it,besides it use single char sprites while the others use those characters layouts with 8 or 12 characters,also the max character resolution on rpg Maker XP is higher Kokonoe Rin character has a size of 240×340 which is higher than almost every character on VX and is just plug,select and play which is different to the other because you have to use a custom script to do that.

Why did i choose MV to remake this one well thats easy the first reason is because Rpg Maker MV dont use ruby as programming languaage,the other reason is that use a resolution of 800×600 (XP,VX and VX Ace use resolution of 640×480) and it runs faster and takes advantage of modern CPU,besides you can make some 3d areas without using external scripts i havent learned how but it was showed on the video that came,and the DLC of MV is really good with lots of scripts and the game can be released without problem you dont need an RTP or other things.


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