Flatchan RPG

Well this is a surprise to everyone and this could be nostalgic for people that use 4 chan yeahh i had in my server a copy of the last beta of the game they made on the board /loli

As i said this was the last version of the game they made on RPG Maker 2K so you probably will need the RTP if you want to play it.

From this game scrambler started to make his version of Loli Fantasy ,how many version he is going to start from scratch untill he give up nobody knows maybe i could work on the leftover he have but maybe i should try to finish the EX,i have fixed lot of stuff that was broken,in fact the last part says “save here and after that you could continue from here when i upload a new version” but that didnt happen so i fixed that and working on some stuff since i got some ideas from Flatchan RPG the game that made possible the Scrambler Loli Fantasy.

So here it is enjoy and stay wiggly ~( =w=)~O


Leave comments on nihongo,english or spanish i dont mind.



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