How goes your double moral? / どのようにあなたの二重基準です


Just imagine that instead of a little boy,is a little girl surrounded by 3 sexy mens looking at her in the same way.


Sorry i just see this and i knew that i had to post it,leave comments and i posted something on blogspot just in case


2 thoughts on “How goes your double moral? / どのようにあなたの二重基準です”

    1. Well is easy normally if an adult man say soemthing like this “You are really or you are so cute i would marry you” to a little girl socially speaking they would start being discriminated ,hated and treated as paedophiles even if they just made a comment with no bad intentions,but if a woman say something to a little boy or do something they aren’t treated in the same way even if they had obsenes intentions behind saying that.


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