Another model release

Well since youtube proved to be useless i will use fc2 because well is better and the conversion is of higher quality,with this in mind i thought maybe releasing something of higher quality would be better so here you have a new one.


I hope you like her and make some good videos,the clothes are detachable as with all the models in this web.



Sorry youtube is useless

Well i will keep uploading my videos on fc2 because i wont give money to some company that has bots searching online for titles to make some useless claims and they get money putting anoying ads and stuff not thanks.
As always FC2 is the best


Visualboy Advance M

Well today i bring to you this emulator previouly setup so it work really good.

This emulator have some roms included just so you can test those adn the emulator.

Games included

.- Legend of Zelda

.- Mario Bros

.- Megaman Extreme

.- Pokemon

.- Harvest Moon

.- Adventure Island

Those are the ones include i hope you enjoy this.