Gta EX

Well another version of gta sa i hope you enjoy this one because it look really good .

This version has some differeces with the original,this was going to be released on nihongo but the radar hud make it difficult because it would only show garbage (the square and other simbols when you dont have the language installed) so i decided to have more on the game.


.- All peds changed.

.- Cars changed just a few but are the best on the game (cars from japanese police,ambulance,and cars from initial D)

.- Radio changed not all but some of them 6 in total with songs from Initial D,the others can be setup with online radios or some mp3 music your choice.

.- Some cleo scripts to make the game better and more easy (is hard to past some missions if you have a gun with 15 bullet and each enemy die with 8 or 1 headshot)

.- Maps added,well just a few i wanted on the game because i watched a series that i liked so that was my inspiration some favelas (inspired by Michiko to Hatchin) and Akina Touge (inspired by Initial D)

.- Particles from GTA V.

.- Textures from Gta V for the city

.- Billboards changed

Ill see what i can update and i hope everyone loves this as i do,normally i didnt like gta but after modding it became a different experience.

Finally is here so enjoy it


Some extras i forgot to mention

Car Spawner

.- To activate this press the key button “2”

Weapon Spawner

.- To activate this type “ARMS” after this you can select any weapon with unlimited ammo.

Weall i hope you enjoy this because it became better then the original


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