Romance of Package


Well for the people tha dont know what is this its simple this is a game compilation with the best games made by sonori.sonnori

Games included

.- Steel Empire

.- Arcturus

.- Darkside Story

.- Forgotten Saga

.- Whiteday A Labyrinth Named School

.- Astonishia Story

.- Astonishia Story R

This game where made by sonori and unfortunatelly arent being sold anywhere because the company went bankrupt this is a tribute to a company that made one of the best horror games i have seen untill today (amnesia was for little kids it didnt scare me)

Well enjoy this games because are really good.

Some reccomendations run as admin,run in compatibility mode windows 2000 and set your region locale to korean (if you are on windows 7 or up you have to download the Korean MUI)




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