Well im tired

I have asked for donations i made a patreon page,paypal if you feel uncomfortable donating on patreon system but well.

I have gived you during all this years tons and tons of free stuff that cost money some people (AMERICANS AND CHILEANS) will say this is just a scam site and im not doing anything or similar just think that in the last months i have buyed stuff with money of my pocket to give something to you RPG Maker XP,VX,VX Ace,MV name it,besides those i have buyed ton of material more to make the best stuff (in production) just for you.

I have received some donations not really  because in tons of forum are putting that this site is a scam site without even searching if what is available in my sites is on others sites.

Im getting really tired of everything and investing mney that i coud use to get something basic as food instead of eating cheap cup ramen.

Last months investment was around 1200 dollars just in material for production of mmd and rpg maker games.

As you see i have expended tons of money but nobody donate (i have seen on forums people sending me pm saying “DO YOU HAVE PATREON IF YOU HAVE I WILL DONATE MONEY IN THERE” but nothing just lies)

I expected some comprehension and that people will donate seeing all the original work posted here but untill today i havent seen any refund,the blogspot site wont allow me to get money from ads because of unknow reason,the other site is crumblling down and the server is in the worst state but is a site without ads and this site only rud ads from wordpress because i dont like to have ads on sites this is why i have gived everything ready to download without adfly or similar without ads on the site and asking for donations.

Here my patreon


Here you can find the donation ticket of paypal



I wouldnt be mad if people donated to the right person but donating 18500 dollars at month to someone that releases pics once every 3 months is unfair because i have gived you more than just 1 pic in 1 month
first links down gta ex,loli fantasy (those because i invested money on there and are the most downloaded so until i get more than 900 dollars on donation those are down)








私 はいくつかの理解を期待し、人々がここに投稿されたすべてのオリジナル作品を見て寄付することが、今日まで、私は文句を言わない払い戻し、 Blogspotのサイトを見たhavent私は理由unknow理由の広告からお金を取得することができ、他のサイトがダウンしcrumbllingさ れ、サーバー最悪の状態にあるが、私は私がサイト上で広告なしadflyせずにダウンロードする準備ができてまたは類似givedすべてを持っているし、を求める理由ですサイトに広告を持っているといけないので、広告なしサイトと、このサイトは、ワードプレスからのみRUDの広告です寄付。






人々は右の人に寄付が、私は1ヶ月でちょうど1 PICよりgivedあなたはより多く持っているので、3ヶ月ごとに写真をリリース誰かに月で18500ドルを寄付することは不公平である場合、私は怒ってwouldntの


10 thoughts on “Well im tired”

    1. Is unfair but im get use to it people are stupid and retarded they would give money to someone that makev promises and similar stuff and dont give nothing instead of giving that money to someone that need it.
      I havent got even a point from fc2.
      Well is just my bad luck


  1. What happened with unteralterbach 2 the demo you send me was really good the bad side was that it used art from the first game


  2. Lo siento pero si esta en internet es gratis si te cagas de hambre no es mi problema ya que es tu culpa por no buscar un trabajo.


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