Gta EX Update


Well just showing some updates on Gta EX i will keep it short,the game is looking better then what it was right now.

Some pics showing ingame stuff.

If the game get uploaded or not depends on you as i said internet is expensive.

The game is rated R-18 but i havent seen anything that could be called R-18 so i put tons of those stuff ingame now clearly is an R-18 game

Monetary donations are a valuable support (I have no other income and need to eat, drink, smoke, work, and sleep somewhere, your support can make all that things possible).


Finally the release

Well finally releasing the game this is justb to show the mapping and controls.

Here some pics

The game as i said before is on Rpg Maker MV and is only for patreons,if you donated 20 dollars or more you will be able to download it and see how it will be the game.

This is just a preview release it could be different to the end product the more you donate the more faster i will work (im not like those people on patreon that made the patreon page only to make 1 event every 6 or 8 months if i reach the ammount of 1000 dollars we will get original art by either Kyouichirou or Wanyan Aguda either of both or if i get the double we will get both artists )

Music by Maoudamashi

Battlers art by Tekuho no Habo and Kyouichirou

Mapping by Tabris

Peace ( -w-)/O



Flatchan RPG Loli Fantasy Remake

As i said i have been working on a remake of the original flatchan i choosed to remake this one because the other one wasnt finished.

No pics for the moments in a few days i will post some pics of the remake on RPG Make MV,im remaking this one side by side working on rpg maker MV and the demo of rpg maker 2000,the demo because i have no money to spare to buy the license (no donators)

I will post the first testing ground of the remake in a few days for PATREONS ONLY so if you donated 20 dollars or more you will be able to download the alpha work.

More info will be added on the days to come.