Gta EX Update


Well just showing some updates on Gta EX i will keep it short,the game is looking better then what it was right now.

Some pics showing ingame stuff.

If the game get uploaded or not depends on you as i said internet is expensive.

The game is rated R-18 but i havent seen anything that could be called R-18 so i put tons of those stuff ingame now clearly is an R-18 game

Monetary donations are a valuable support (I have no other income and need to eat, drink, smoke, work, and sleep somewhere, your support can make all that things possible).


One thought on “Gta EX Update”

  1. I find your patreon for casualty and i see you have good stuff. Are you tried to do publishing in other web sites or release and old version from some game? Or maybe a demo. then some page like “” will upload the demo and give you some publicity free and the people who liked, will donate something. Or that i think… Will be a shame if you abandon your games, but is understandable, you can’t do nothing for free, and less if you lost money in the process. Sorry my english 😛


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