Another gta


Well another version from scratch just that.

I tried the theme Anime + Gta V while tryig to make a balance and i think i got it pretty well.

Whats different from ex well that one had a different aproach because that oneis more about fun,powers and tera elements while this one is a gta v and anime aproach so i got this one well rounded and is to proof that they where wrong (gta forums) because they said this will never combine the themes are opposites and will never combine and will never look good.

Whats different

.- New peds (you will know who are your enemies more easilly)

.- Gta V cars

.- Gta V textures

.- Gta V Weapons

.- Skin selector by ryousuke with chars from smitte,overwatch and sword art online

.- Skill Black Rock Shooter

.- ENB disabled by default can be activated with “shift + F12” (i use it as a loader for sweetfx on windows 8.1)



Forgot to mention everything on my patreon wont be visible unless you donated so it look empty but have some content hidden from regular visitors.


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