For the retarded

Well this is just for the retarded that keeps reporting my videos on fc2 with copyright infrigment.

As i said my main video site upload is fc2 the alternate is iwara but because iwara has shit tons of problem i will stop the use of that one,in fact i don’t care about such a shitty site that keeps getting problems everyday (until today i have been unable to see any video on that site)

So to the retarded,i use mainly no one is stealing anything and reatrded you aren’t copyright owner of my videos so stop it the videos on iwara are released to public since 25 december,if people is unable to see the videos is iwara server fault and problems no mine and stop trying to get people to move to iwara because as i said iwara is full of problems so i will keep using fc2.

Yagokoro gave permission to upload the videos there is no problem,and i don’t need permission to upload my own videos because i made those.

Is understandable that people want my videos on iwara but i won’t do it because what is the point of getting one thousand views on iwara when i can get ten thousand or twenty thousand views just on fc2 so i won’t upload the videos to a server full of problems (iwara).

I forgot you are free to complain only if you payed (donated) money to me otherwise your complains are useless and i mean really paying not scamming me saying we donated 400 dollars but we won’t proceed with the payment on patreon (it has happened 6 times),and i know that the retarded complained just because i could get money with fc2 and lock most videos to show 20 seconds but accounts with complains can’t use the system so yes i can’t get money and don’t have anything to eat,so i will say this again you are free to complain only if you pay.

Well as some people may notice some videos had been deleted from iwara,wll the reason is simple every time the retarded makes a complain i will delete a video of iwara,i was thinking on leaving the videos on iwara and forget about those but now i will delet those each time the retarded complains.

Remember this

Author of the video Tabris666 that’s me and my videos aren’t against the rules of fc2


FC2ID ; 41283579


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