Well showing something

Well just showing the monokuma mask that is going to be an exclusive gift to $100 patreons only.

Is custom made the one i am wearing is not the one is going to be made for the patreons because im going to modify the mask a little bit to make it better (there is room for improvement).

Well feel free to donate and help




Counter Strike

Well i uploaded the version i use of counter strike is modified so you will be unable to play online,but still you can play with your friends through lan (in my case my guinea pigs of project zetsubou) or against bots whatever you want.

As i said this is modified the models are quite different from the originals and the changes are notable on first instance,it was quite funny one of the models is of Donald Trump just in case.

PS: This is a work of fiction any similarities to real persons or movements is mere coincidence.