Well sorry for not updating the site in a long time or uploading anything but i said i need money for that because internet is expensive .

Aniway latelly developments in the world made me think that we are aproaching to World War 3  specially the latest action of US i think that world war is at the next corner and there is no way back,yes launching a super bomb to a country that they gave the weapons is a really smart move from US and the claims of civilians won’t be afected is laughable at least.

Well i will start learning russian speacially reqesting mercy and pity in russian you never know,but i wonder it will be worthy creating the situation i don’t know.

USA created and supplied ISIS

Well reading information about this on tons of sites i found out that ISIS was a little group that didn’t have money or weapons in the beggining nonetheless they are a big army right now why this happened.

The answer is simple part of the budget of US taxpayers go to financing ISIS which is weird enough,but what was the reason for this it was to make US appealing for the looks US look like the good guys but the truth is they wanted to avoid destroying a country just for the oil with the US army,that’s why they made the enemy and a group against government was the perfect excuse so they gave to them money so the group could grow and they gave them the weapons to fight so with this excuse they can fight against ISIS and take the oil while everyone is distracted.

Why USA made that.

Well there are several reasons but there is always one agenda on the USA and that’s it conquering the world so with the excuse of bringing justice and democracy they can take over a country but they always make an internal enemy on said country just so their actions can be justified,they locate a smal group anti government US give money and weapons and after that USA have to wait until the group is big enough.

well i hope that nothing happens but that will be too much to ask i hope all the countries move against USA,and my loyalty will be with japan no matter what happens well i hope USA don’t attack nippon as it was written on those documents because the loss of lives would be bigger then WWII 20 millions innocent on that time.

Well this site could get shutdown by US government so in case that happen remember there is always a way to open a new site everything that is online will not be lost i have all the links so no worries and probable the site would be named gamersnatales2 or similar just in case this site gets shutdown (my bbs got locked down when because according to the acusations was activism against the us government but it was a free speech bbs)

All the information was provided by blackorganization



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