MMD Tanya

Well a new MMD model based on Tanya Degurechaff since i really liked the manga,novels and anime i wanted to see a model sadly i couldn’t find anything so i chose to make this one which is quite close this is why i named her Tanya (alt)

I hope you like her and make some wonderfull videos.





Well something while we wait

Well a little game while we wait for stuff to happen for example this would be a good game to wait for the game Dragon Ball Z Fighters (it will be released until next year and i want to see it) but wee are waiting for other things it will be until next month that i will buy a new ssd and that will arrive on august so we have to wait untill then so maybe this would help you to pass the time.this also applies to people that is waiting for the dragon Ball Z Fighters game.

Aniway i finished the upload and i hope you enjoy this.


To run this game you need a proper gpu or apu with support for opengl 4.3 otherwise it won’t work properly.

GTA EX Evangelions

Well i ported some evangelions to the game,they are normal size since i had problem with a bigger model so i choose to have them in normal size.

Consider a donation if you downloaded something from here.


Thank you

Well is normal to feel thankfull after a dark time.

I thank to my patreons that had made some things posible i thank you for your support and for keep coming to our site.

Well the money i got last month on patreon (it get deposited on 05 of each month well it show up on my paypal the 06 of each month) i made some investment just a little upgrade.

Before saying the upgrade first this is the status of my pc

The upgrade i bought was 2gb more of ram so instead of 4 i will have 6 gb of ram it will help me a bit,next month i’m planning on changing to an ssd  i found a cheap one on ebay so i will buy it if is available and as you see i have only 5 gb of free hard drive space so is a needed upgrade besides the pc will work faster in other words making mmd videos will have to wait i can still make some mmd models because are 30 mb in size top but videos will have to wait.

The other thing i made an investment was buying enough cup ramen for 2 months of 3 different flavors everything will arive at the end of the month this is why i thank to the people that has gave me their support.

Thank you.

about GTA modding

My models are to be uploaded on gtainside only, since the gtaall site is getting my models it looks like someone didn’t bother to read if you are an user of said site and know hgow to contact admins leave a comment because i can’t post comments or anything at all on that site and i’m a member my username is tabris666.

Nothing made the game more exciting than a some loli models

Those models will be exclusive because i’m making some really good models but with the ammount i have right now i could rrestart everything and replace half of the female models with my own created models either way i’ll see what i do.

I fixed the failed model that had the bug textures as seen here well after finding what was the cause of the bug i learned how to fix it and voila.


Here is the new model with the right size and fixed textures so everything is perfect right now on her,well as i said before i will make the game as i wanted .

Some last words

Well thank to my patreons i hope to keep receiving your support now and in the near future i will try to compensate in one way or another .

As i said before i am unemployed and this is the only income i have if you like what i do please give a donation if you want to donate just one time there is always paypal sadly the site is not allowing me to put paypal buttons but i can put a link.


Well i was seeing some stuff on ebay and found a pc with a good price so if i get enough donations i could make some better stuff  with that pc since is better then what i have

This is the link of the pc

Is  really good pc but sadly i have barelly enough money to buy it so i hope you can give a donation,i can’t bellieve it even after swallowing my pride and begging on my knees for a job hasn’t worked

Well as you saw i don’t have enough hdd space so i can’t make video until next month but i will have something nice (i wonder how long it will take to render one of my videos an old intel pentium d ) by the way my videos are still on username tabris666 as always

Thank you ( =w=)/O


Gta EX progress report

Well since i have been unable to mantain my internet conection stable i’m unable to upload files bigger then 200 Mb so the Gta 3 remaster would have to wait some days.

Now the classic report on Gta EX progress.

Well the progress is going as i predicted too well i have made some unique models that will be exclusive to the game and are from our own site.

Well some models will be uploaded on gtainside but others will be exclusive for the game so those won’t get released maybe as mmd but not in obj or dff .

Now showing some pics ingame

I have made some unique models that i wanted in the game and those would be released ingame only while some others have been released already on gtainside,forgot to mention that the game has more new cars but i forgot to take pics.

If you like the pics and how the game looks then consider a little donation on our patreon so it will get released sooner then later remember our gta ex is a special breed you won’t get something closer to this anywhere else.


Gta 3 PC 10th anniversary Remaster

Well here i bring you a remaster of gta 3,this version has upgraded graphics and tons of improvements over the original this was made quite a long time ago but i was waiting for some improvements that showed up this year so i feel like releasing this.

I hope you enjoy this version and follow the instructions,this has higher requirements then the original so be prepared (is this a surprise to you)

Well download and enjoy.


★★Coming Soon★★