Gta EX progress report

Well since i have been unable to mantain my internet conection stable i’m unable to upload files bigger then 200 Mb so the Gta 3 remaster would have to wait some days.

Now the classic report on Gta EX progress.

Well the progress is going as i predicted too well i have made some unique models that will be exclusive to the game and are from our own site.

Well some models will be uploaded on gtainside but others will be exclusive for the game so those won’t get released maybe as mmd but not in obj or dff .

Now showing some pics ingame

I have made some unique models that i wanted in the game and those would be released ingame only while some others have been released already on gtainside,forgot to mention that the game has more new cars but i forgot to take pics.

If you like the pics and how the game looks then consider a little donation on our patreon so it will get released sooner then later remember our gta ex is a special breed you won’t get something closer to this anywhere else.



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