Well something while we wait

Well a little game while we wait for stuff to happen for example this would be a good game to wait for the game Dragon Ball Z Fighters (it will be released until next year and i want to see it) but wee are waiting for other things it will be until next month that i will buy a new ssd and that will arrive on august so we have to wait untill then so maybe this would help you to pass the time.this also applies to people that is waiting for the dragon Ball Z Fighters game.

Aniway i finished the upload and i hope you enjoy this.


To run this game you need a proper gpu or apu with support for opengl 4.3 otherwise it won’t work properly.

GTA EX Evangelions

Well i ported some evangelions to the game,they are normal size since i had problem with a bigger model so i choose to have them in normal size.

Consider a donation if you downloaded something from here.



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