New release Gwenita

First of all my aplogies for being offline for so long but i was doing a painting job to get some money sadly the person didn’t pay me the job so all the effort was for nothing in the end,after that i got troubles with my internet because the ISP is having troubles as always and there is nothing we can do so sorry for being offline.

Now to the point.

Well another version off Gwen Tennyson that i made,i based this one on something from shadbase remember is a based model.

This is available for everyone and i included the gta version on the file just in case.


That’s how she looks on mmddd and this is how she looks for gta sa.

The download is available on my patreon.



MMD douga Chinchin

Well another video release i hope you enjoy this one sadly i won’t be uploading this one on fc2 since they are upgrading the server so i will have to wait.

Without holding you up here it is



MMD ローラB Videos

Well i made some videos with my old PC this took some time to be ready but it was worthy.

Sadly i put this only for patreons,if you want to donate you have to keep the donation active until the 6 of the next month.

I hope you enjoy this content everything will be released eventually but is up to me to when i release it.

Some pics showing the content and quality the videos are 720p





ローラB on gta

Well i also made her for gta some of the skins i made are posted on gtainside but not all of them i have too much content,if i have to upload everything would take around four years to upload.

Some pics of her in gta


gta_sa 2017-07-07 09-04-56