Sorry for being offline

Well as i said before i was having troubles with internet my service provider is really bad so they finally fixed everything today or so i hope.

Well i made some new videos some for free other for patreons only and like that.

Remember what i said this site is not only for mmd videos,it isn’t about  mmd loli models,this site is for everything i love either be games,videos,mmd,translation or more stuff will be posted here because i will put to test what i can do or not as long as i get money (being resented for having talent is weird and not being allowed to work and being discriminated for having talent is the reason i keep saying people is stupid,if someone have talent and more skill then those normal people they should be praised and given everything on silver tray but the world is cruel,just take for example all my videos on iwara got removed,and there was a bastard that reported my videos when i passed from iwara and choose fc2 as the default because i could make money he reported my videos and in the end i can’t make monetized videos there)

Some news finally arrived the ram i requested tooked some time but they are here.

My priorities for the donations iu receive are

1.- Food

2.- Pay bills

3.- Luxury items (cigarretes,coca cola or coke depends on the country,coffee and similar stuff)

4.- Parts for pc

So yeah my priorities are different then those other people making mmd videos they are making videos to get a new nasa type pc i’m doing this because i need to eat, ask yourselves which should be supported?

1.- The guy making videos every 4 months to get a new pc

2.- The guy making ton of stuff to get money to buy food

Either way i get bored easy so don’t expect me to be doing the same for example one month i can be doing mmd videos,other i can be releasing mmd models,other i can be releasing games,other i can be releasing emulators and like that.

The videos will be on my patreon so check there,one is for all users the other for patreons as i explained.




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