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What i can say im an otaku,NEET and i love videogames. I now lots of things and i love investigate and search for the truth. My passion is play eroges i wont upload anything but i can show what i have. I can talk on english and spanish and im learning nihongo Gamer,Gourmmet,Movie Director,Computer Technician,Detective,what i can say i have tons of skills available to be hired for the right price

Pokemon セレナ

Well i decided to release this model here (was released on a pokecommunity long time ago) and as i said in the past i want to create something unique for this site and released only here since i don’t like to rerelease older stuff.

Either way this model is serena from pokemon i release her as it was released in the past only obj files nothing else,this was ripped from the game so no complains like “she isn’t wearing anything under the skirt” since that was nintendo stuff is a perfect rip so i won’t edit her just because communities want to keep the pokegirls pure.

As a doujin work everything is allowed even R-18 as explained in the community.


.- Can be used for anything even R-18

.- Credits are nintendo and me for ripping the model and the porter in 3rd place.

.- Any derivative work to be kept always online (i reinforce this since some people are claiming they made this model from scratch and removing it just to get more views) no excuses there for derivative works since this is a rip and you can’t complain saying this was stolen or reuploaded without my consent since my rules are the same as in the moment of release.

.- Derivative works are mmd,xnalara,renderware (i will make some ports to be released on gtainside with the help of yuuki akame she is releasing my works there) ,source and other stuff




year of release of the model 2014.


Happy New Year 2018

Ladies and gentlemen,Happy New Year!

On behalf of Gamers and NERV corp i’d like to thank to our viewers for their support which has enabled to make it to 2018.

From the bottom of my heart you have our thanks.

For this year i have prepared some surprises so i hope you keep viewing our site and those surprises will be revealed soon.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


GTA Another SA

Well another gta quite different from usual and with some improvements so i hope you like it and enjoy it.

Due to the bugs i made some changes and made some new skins as a compensation for the delay.

Well those are the chars i made because of the delay so i hope you like  her and are quite good in quality.

Forgot to say those graphics are from the versiion before the bug now they looks different.


As you see is quite different from before and the requirements went up.

An here you can see i decided to go ghost hunting

There are several stuff to see and test but you will enjoy it



Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Well my wishes for everyone is that i hope you are having a wonderfull christmas and get some presents .

I won’t give up and will keep trying to make more content for you,sadly i haven’t been so well due to health problems but as long as i don’t give up i can keep moving.

In the last few days i was working on some mods but due to some problems i wasn’t able to put it online there is a bug on the game that crashes the engine so it will be delayed for a few days until i find out a way to fix the bug,this was goiung to be my christmas present for you.

Some screens of the models from the game those are exclusives for the game and won’t be released outside of it or in any way i hope your understanding.


Well merry christmas everyone!!!!

Kokonoe Rin videos

Well i made some new videos that i hope you like and enjoy

I have to be honest and tell you that i don’t like the patreon paywall  system because it force me to do things,as i said in the past and in the patreon itself everything will be ready when is ready not before not after.

The same applies to uploaded content everything will be uploaded according to my mood and how much food i eated,if people wants to donate something in patreon you are free to do it but don’t expect me to put certain content exclusive for people that donated said ammount it will be available for everyone like this 2 videos i made.

As i said i apreciate the people donating money but it was their choice i’m not forced to put everything on patreon paywalls or patreon servers because the rules of patreon are quite easy and simple “Once the product is finished and ready it has be available to everyone” this is the reason i put eveythiong here instead of patreon remember patreon is a tip jar and i use it to collect money and make everything easier for me because they make the management to collect the money instead of myself on paypal.

The videos are to be uploaded on FC2 since has a better service then iwara and i said this to the admins of iwara because they deleted my videos without reason the upload times are slow,the video loading is slow everything work really bad in iwara so i won’t use it even if i have an account there.

Videos exclusive to iwara are lost forever now and i won’t remake those because as i said i made exclusive content for them not to be uploaded or downloaded on other sites but it seems other video authors had trouble with my videos since it forced them to create better stuff with better quality,as i said in the past “What is the point on doing a 4k mmd video if it looks like shit because they barelly know how to use shaders and filters and several stuff more”

Well thank you to the people that keeps coming and to the people that donated,enjoy those videos

Kokonoe Rin Techno BITCH R-18

Kokonoe Rin Bikini R-18

Rotten Core Demo

Well what can i say of this besides all what i said in the past,not much indeed.

This demo was made in response to team aiduzzi when they started promoting their indiegogo on niichan ,because i knew there was something weird i checked and what they were asking was way too much money for starters,and then there was problems like sprites from commercial games (his chars are frankenstein in other words are mix of several chars in one none of them original) so i made this to show him that what he was doing was easy and the ammount he was requesting was too much after i showed this and pointed some problems like the stolen lifebars he was using from another user of niichan,other problem was the fact that he should have to remake everything from scratch besides niichan users saw the chars he was going to release (he changed the indiegogo and site) and complained to him so his project went anywhere.

And it was all thank to this demo i made,well i didn’t put music for stages or anything like that because it was a fast made stuff,besides short size means easier to download and easier to test it will take a few minutes.


Mugen Megamix 3D

Well something from the old site that was taken down due to a google admin that stole my account (reason for not using youtube or google stuff) short story he tooks down all my content plus my paypal account so i redirected the patreon to a new one.

This was the game with pseudo 3d chars and know that is more refined and look better you will enjoy it more.

i made several updates to this one well not in the chars side but in the stages.

.- All the stages have been replaced by new ones.

.- Added shaders to soften the images.

.- Fixed some codes on the core of the engine.

Well mostly that so i hope you enjoy it and leave a comment (language doesn’t matter i will answer in any language you made your comment)

System Requirements .

.- CPU dual core above 2.3 Ghz

.- Ram 2 Gb

.- GPU well anything that can handle opengl 4.5 otherwise it won’t work properly.