Kokonoe Rin videos

Well i made some new videos that i hope you like and enjoy

I have to be honest and tell you that i don’t like the patreon paywall  system because it force me to do things,as i said in the past and in the patreon itself everything will be ready when is ready not before not after.

The same applies to uploaded content everything will be uploaded according to my mood and how much food i eated,if people wants to donate something in patreon you are free to do it but don’t expect me to put certain content exclusive for people that donated said ammount it will be available for everyone like this 2 videos i made.

As i said i apreciate the people donating money but it was their choice i’m not forced to put everything on patreon paywalls or patreon servers because the rules of patreon are quite easy and simple “Once the product is finished and ready it has be available to everyone” this is the reason i put eveythiong here instead of patreon remember patreon is a tip jar and i use it to collect money and make everything easier for me because they make the management to collect the money instead of myself on paypal.

The videos are to be uploaded on FC2 since has a better service then iwara and i said this to the admins of iwara because they deleted my videos without reason the upload times are slow,the video loading is slow everything work really bad in iwara so i won’t use it even if i have an account there.

Videos exclusive to iwara are lost forever now and i won’t remake those because as i said i made exclusive content for them not to be uploaded or downloaded on other sites but it seems other video authors had trouble with my videos since it forced them to create better stuff with better quality,as i said in the past “What is the point on doing a 4k mmd video if it looks like shit because they barelly know how to use shaders and filters and several stuff more”

Well thank you to the people that keeps coming and to the people that donated,enjoy those videos

Kokonoe Rin Techno BITCH R-18

Kokonoe Rin Bikini R-18


Rotten Core Demo

Well what can i say of this besides all what i said in the past,not much indeed.

This demo was made in response to team aiduzzi when they started promoting their indiegogo on niichan ,because i knew there was something weird i checked and what they were asking was way too much money for starters,and then there was problems like sprites from commercial games (his chars are frankenstein in other words are mix of several chars in one none of them original) so i made this to show him that what he was doing was easy and the ammount he was requesting was too much after i showed this and pointed some problems like the stolen lifebars he was using from another user of niichan,other problem was the fact that he should have to remake everything from scratch besides niichan users saw the chars he was going to release (he changed the indiegogo and site) and complained to him so his project went anywhere.

And it was all thank to this demo i made,well i didn’t put music for stages or anything like that because it was a fast made stuff,besides short size means easier to download and easier to test it will take a few minutes.


Mugen Megamix 3D

Well something from the old site that was taken down due to a google admin that stole my account (reason for not using youtube or google stuff) short story he tooks down all my content plus my paypal account so i redirected the patreon to a new one.

This was the game with pseudo 3d chars and know that is more refined and look better you will enjoy it more.

i made several updates to this one well not in the chars side but in the stages.

.- All the stages have been replaced by new ones.

.- Added shaders to soften the images.

.- Fixed some codes on the core of the engine.

Well mostly that so i hope you enjoy it and leave a comment (language doesn’t matter i will answer in any language you made your comment)

System Requirements .

.- CPU dual core above 2.3 Ghz

.- Ram 2 Gb

.- GPU well anything that can handle opengl 4.5 otherwise it won’t work properly.


Super Street Fighter II HD Remix

Well uploading an updated version of this project for PC,i hope you enjoy this and remember this isn’t finished and to be honest i lost interest in this but i decided top make a little update in the engine part the rest is almost the same as the old one.

This was mentioned by a certain PC magazine when i made the release but they didn’t give the link to my site because quote “The website has adult content,and doesn’t have the content separated so young people could grab adult content because of this”

It has 12 characters available of 18 from the original roster + 15 stages and the respective music.

New shaders because it lacked something in the old version so now is more complete and looks better.

As always the game is running in fullscreen by default at 720p.

System Requirements .

.- CPU dual core above 2.3 Ghz

.- Ram 2 Gb

.- GPU well anything that can handle opengl 4.5 otherwise it won’t work properly.




Some video releases

Well some releases of some videos i made for you ,i hope you enjoy this videos and donate (people need to eat sometimes)


The first video is MMD Flirty Princess Peach on fc2



The other is a video of Kokonoe Rin just for patreons only.



Enjoy the videos and donate if you want to enjoy the content on patreon.


Sorry for being offline

Well as i said before i was having troubles with internet my service provider is really bad so they finally fixed everything today or so i hope.

Well i made some new videos some for free other for patreons only and like that.

Remember what i said this site is not only for mmd videos,it isn’t about  mmd loli models,this site is for everything i love either be games,videos,mmd,translation or more stuff will be posted here because i will put to test what i can do or not as long as i get money (being resented for having talent is weird and not being allowed to work and being discriminated for having talent is the reason i keep saying people is stupid,if someone have talent and more skill then those normal people they should be praised and given everything on silver tray but the world is cruel,just take for example all my videos on iwara got removed,and there was a bastard that reported my videos when i passed from iwara and choose fc2 as the default because i could make money he reported my videos and in the end i can’t make monetized videos there)

Some news finally arrived the ram i requested tooked some time but they are here.

My priorities for the donations iu receive are

1.- Food

2.- Pay bills

3.- Luxury items (cigarretes,coca cola or coke depends on the country,coffee and similar stuff)

4.- Parts for pc

So yeah my priorities are different then those other people making mmd videos they are making videos to get a new nasa type pc i’m doing this because i need to eat, ask yourselves which should be supported?

1.- The guy making videos every 4 months to get a new pc

2.- The guy making ton of stuff to get money to buy food

Either way i get bored easy so don’t expect me to be doing the same for example one month i can be doing mmd videos,other i can be releasing mmd models,other i can be releasing games,other i can be releasing emulators and like that.

The videos will be on my patreon so check there,one is for all users the other for patreons as i explained.



New release Gwenita

First of all my aplogies for being offline for so long but i was doing a painting job to get some money sadly the person didn’t pay me the job so all the effort was for nothing in the end,after that i got troubles with my internet because the ISP is having troubles as always and there is nothing we can do so sorry for being offline.

Now to the point.

Well another version off Gwen Tennyson that i made,i based this one on something from shadbase remember is a based model.

This is available for everyone and i included the gta version on the file just in case.


That’s how she looks on mmddd and this is how she looks for gta sa.

The download is available on my patreon.