Survivor Sarah 2

Well a shitty game i wish that the author wasnt a ggreedy bitch but well who cares  as long as i have half of the information ofthe world i can get anything as this game.




Malice and the Machine

Since the author dont want to release a public demo i will do it this is a work in progress according to him but i dont think this will be finished and he has to fix lot of stuff (the author broke the joystick support).

My reasons to bellieve this wont be finished is because this is exactly what i tried to do 10 years ago with RPG Maker VX,if they can overcome the rgssad max size they will be succesfull unfortunatelly the max size is still 1.2 gb after that size the game is useless because it wont work (this is weird because the max size of encrupted graphics on rpg maker xp is 1.5 Gb my first project had that size but i was unable to overcome the size so the project was left unfinished.

This game use gifs for battlers  a normal thing that can be used on almost any rpg maker except 2K and 2k3 i did this with pokkemon essentials and ripped sprites from pokemon XY so it look good and that one is RPG Maker XP well only time will say what will happen


Well i took some advantage of a miss the developer did the first one this game didnt have a license so this is now on GPL v2 license,the other miss this game wasnt registered to any name so now is registered to my name so legally the game is my property and i will do what i want with it

Thank you very much and sorry eromancer  but as i said is your miss.


Loli Fantasy EX

A game i worked a while ago but i dont feel like finishing the game,and there is problems like not having time or enough money to eat something has made this an unfinished project.

Before a little of history

Well this is the concept i was making in the past i found the game on hongfire but it was unfinished (what a surprise hundreds of project and none of them finished (if someone has a game from hongfire that is finished i will withdraw my words) this one well the author restarted the game a lot of times changing something but leaving everything on an unfinished state,but someone wanted this game finished he is a futaba chan nakama he made the first loli fantasy ex but he made all his CG so it was really cool it was better than the original but he left the game unfinished because he started making his games to sell those on dlsite  so his version of loli fantasy ex is quite different to the one i have even if they are similar some elements are different the menus gameplay CG everything was different i lost the copy and a lot of my resources on the grand external HDD crash of 2013 but i wont be discouraged by a crash if i cant find it i will learn to work with rpg maker and i will make the game again thats what i said after struggling and getting bored i got his result im quite satisfied i wish to get money to pay to jyujiro and several artist that allowed me to use their art for free (jyujiro had the condition to buy all his games which i did) but everything was worthy and if i pay to them i could finish the game with original art instead of the one i used.

I hope you enjoy this game because i put all my love on it \( =w=)/O and i wish to finish it someday but the artist i want for this game are just a few to make something similar to the game Legend of Queen Opala and the art selection script so i culd have several type of CG but it will depend of the artist you select on the beggining

.- Wanyan Aguda

.- Arikime Desu

.- Jyujiro ( i want him to make original art instead of using the resources of the game he allowed me to use)

.- Kyouichirou

.- Urotan

.- Nishi Iori

Those are the artist i would love to have to make the CG of this game unfortunatelly i need money to pay them to do something like this.




Survivor Sarah EX

Well what can i say why ex because the X make it sound cool well this version has some changes from the original most of the changes are made to make the game more appealing as well making it better (is a lame game that can be finished in 1 hour top) so you need to make it appealing

Whats new on EX

.- Windowskin changed to a more oscure and of higher quality than the default one and transluscent.

.- Default menu changed to a Final Fantasy 7 styled menu with transparence.

.- Default to fullscreen from the start you can change to windowed by pressing alt+enter

.- Textures refined this one was tricky but i did it,the game will look as it have antialiasing applied or like the rpg maker games on unity.

.- Fast battle,well this is more an improvement to the default battle system,the battles are faster on this one.

.- Icons well the original didnt have any icon so i put icons in the game because is part of the rpg games

.- Special script,this script is a special one if you dont have the rtp installed it will keep the game running but it will give you and error report and logs of what is missing (usefull for any game on XP and VX) but the game wont crash if it have something missing it will just skip the load of the missing resource.

.- New game over picture,i changed the default picture to one with blood because this is a zombie game so it was lame to use the default one when you could use one with a shinigami or something bloody (i choose the bloody one)

.- Some changes on the maps because it looked bad as it was so i added fog to some parts of the maps to give the impression of a horror game.


Well leave your comments about what improvement should i try on this one or if you have a game that you wan improved donate the game to me and i will do it only if you want your game improved with the antialiasing i used on this one  \( =w=)/O or add some scripts .









Well what can i say i really loved the demo of this game it had one of the best gameplays i have seen on rpg makeradn the CG are really good.

Even if you dont like loli games this game will be your exception.

I hope that someone can donate this game to me as my birthday gift (yeah it was a few days ago and nobody commented) well if someone can donate this game just send me an email